January 31, 2016: Family Puzzle Games

We were hopeful but Dominica’s ankle is still terrible today.  It’s Sunday so just a lazy day at home for us since travelling is out of the question.  Getting out to see the ruins at Knossos seems like it is getting harder and harder to do.  We’ve been here on Crete a full month as of today and we have not had a chance to go anywhere, yet.

Like yesterday, since Dominica is immobilized, she is set up in the game room.  She has been sleeping in there too, since she cannot climb the stairs.  So the girls have been sleeping with me upstairs and Dominica has been alone downstairs.  Yesterday she played The Sims 3 basically all day.  Today, since she has nothing to do but game, I picked up The Sims Medieval for her and we, after tons of work, got it up and running for her so she has been playing that as well.  It requires installing through Origin rather than through Steam, which is confusing and very annoying.  How do non-IT people use EA games at all?

I had to walk down to the taverna to return their Tupperware this afternoon.

The girls got me to play more Minecraft PE with them today.  We are having a blast with that.

Tonight we played Puzzler World with the girls for a bit of a family game night.  They have played it a tiny bit before but this time both girls really got into it.  Liesl is now doing sudoku and link-a-pix puzzles all by herself and Luciana is doing fitword puzzles.  This game is great for us.  We can do it all together as a family with Dominica and I doing the hard word puzzles and the girls having lots of easy stuff that they can do, too.  And Liesl being able to do sudoku is amazing.  She picked it up really quickly.