February 26, 2016: Fuller House Marathon

I was up at nine thirty this morning, a big before Dominica and long before the girls.

I ended up having a rather busy day all day working on getting some projects done.

I did manage to wrap up in the early evening, probably around seven or seven thirty, and spent the evening hanging out with Dominica.  We have been excited about this week’s release of the Netflix original series Fuller House for months.  We were in Galveston this past fall when I saw that it was being advertised on YouTube.  It is the “nearly three decades later” continuation of the  mid-1980s ABC Television show Full House that we both loved when we were kids.  It’s amazing as they got the entire original case (except for the baby who wasn’t a real part of the show anyway, so nothing is lost) back together including the entire family and almost all of the ancillary cast.

We had been joking that the release of Fuller House was my fortieth birthday present as it came out the day after I turned forty.  The star of the show is almost exactly my age as well, turning forty herself in just a few weeks, so it makes the show that much of a connection for me as it was always about someone exactly my age.

So tonight we binge watched the entire first season of Fuller House, all thirteen episodes of it.  It was great.  The first episode was pretty much nothing but an homage to the original show but after that they started to go in their own direction, although the show is designed and handles well picking up exactly where the original left off.  In many ways, you feel like you never stopped watching it even though the original has now been off of the air for twenty one years!

We had a great time.  Watching Fuller House was a huge trip down memory lane.  We really enjoyed it.  It kept us up rather late, but we’ve spent a whole season (or over two decades depending on how you look at it) for this to come out.