March 1, 2016: A Rare Day Outside

Hard to believe that it is March already.  This winter seems like it never happened.  It really feels like we just got to Greece.

Today the weather was super nice so I took my laptop and unplugged and headed up top to the terrace and sat outside for a few hours and enjoyed the weather and the fresh air and the sunshine and the vistas while I did some writing.  It was not as productive as I would have hoped as the sun was quite bright and even under the overhang I found it to be very fatiguing on my eyes.  I ended up only staying outside for a few hours and came back into the house on the early side to switch back to the normal desk where the chair is more comfortable and the sun does not continuously blind me.

Terrace Office
Working from the Terrace

Did a NodeBB 0.9.3 to NodeBB 0.9.4 upgrade today.  Very minor and was quick and smooth.  We are getting our processes better and better and it is getting very easy to keep MangoLassi up all of the time (knock on wood.)

In the evenings, mostly while we eat dinner, Dominica and I have been watching Hot in Cleveland.  It is one of our favourite sitcoms and we watch it on Hulu.  When it was first released we watched it all of the time but after something like three seasons they stopped appearing on Hulu and that was that.  We thought that they had dropped it.  Then just recently we discovered that many more seasons had been added to Hulu, so we are now several years behind and working to catch up.  It is one of the very few shows that we watch and really enjoy.  It is very much a classic 1980s or 1990s style sitcom.  Great writing, acting and premise.  Exactly the kind of show that we really miss.

Liesl started playing the game Haunt the House today.  It is a cute little game that she knows from her YouTube video game shows.  She had a good time learning that tonight.  This was one of those many “I know this game and… oh wait you mean we already own it” games.