March 12, 2016: Our Video Game Day This Week

Today was a short day for us, up late and off to bed early.  It’s Saturday and we spent most of the day playing video games together.  The video game laptop and projector in the game room are really paying off.  One of our best investments for quite some time.  We had guessed that these would really get used but we use them so much more than we had imagined with all four of us loving the opportunity to really get to play some things.

We did a bunch of gaming today.  I did a little work, paying bills and such, but not too much.  We know that tomorrow and Monday are going to be pretty busy so today is our big “do nothing” day.

Dominica played Abyss much of the morning, she got in more video game time than I did today, I think.

I managed to get in half an hour or so on XCOM which was just barely enough for me to go back over the mission that I did last time and had been unable to save so I now get to, the next time that I play, continue moving forward with something new.  I really like that game and am looking forward to how the story unfolds.

Dominica and I played about one third (after having done one third already) of Lost Horizon which I really, really like.  We started it last week.  It is a truly excellent adventure game.  We are both really liking it.

Dominica was exhausted and went off to bed a bit before midnight.  Once she went to bed the girls and I spent about an hour, maybe a little less, playing Final Fantasy III.  Then, before turning in for the night, we focused on Fairytale Mysteries 2: The Beanstalk and wrapped it up.  That was one or two hours more game time but went really well and the girls were really into it and really did a great job following the story and really, at this point, Liesl is able to play this style of game better than I can!  So this is another game completed for the Miller family while in Greece.  People thought that I was crazy getting the number of games that we did, but the reality is is that when we are playing them going through one or two in a weekend is not hard at all.  We go through them very quickly at times.

After we beat the game I got the girls off to bed.  I even got them to go to bed in their own bed tonight, a major victory!  Except, about half an hour after I got them off to bed they saw a mosquito and were scared after that and made me promise that I would sleep in their room so that they can get to sleep.  So I moved my CPAP over and eventually went to bed up there.  Dominica was long asleep by even that point so she didn’t really care.  She is going to be up early tomorrow, anyway.

Tomorrow is the big Carnival parade in Rethymno which is, I have heard, the big place for it in Greece.  It is a huge event there and everyone has told us that we have to go.  So we are going.  We have to have a parking spot before eleven or won’t be able to get into the city, we have heard.  The plan is to be up and moving quite early.