March 14, 2016: Failed Attempt at Going Out

The family did well this morning getting up and attempting to head out.  Dominica was up early, the rest of us got up at a good time.  The girls had good attitudes and we were able to get everyone dressed, ready and out to the car at a decent time.  We were so impressed with ourselves, especially after yesterday’s triumph!  It was still cold and raining this morning.  In fact it was quite cold, one of our colder days here in Greece.  We are regretting turning off the heat a bit, in fact.

Liesl walked down to the market on the corner with this morning to get some basics.  We wanted to get fresh bread and found that the normal breads that you would get in the morning are gone and replaced with special bread for lent.

Greek Bread for Lent

We managed to get out and get as far away as the Lidl, not all the way to Rethymno, when we figured out that today was a holiday and that nothing was open so we needed to turn around and head back up the hill to the house.  What a pain.  The girls were awake, perky, happy and ready to go.  That was more than an hour of the day burned on doing, basically, nothing at all.  That was a bit depressing.  We should have guessed that today was going to be a lost day with Lent starting this week and everyone recovering from Carnival yesterday.

Lesson learned.  We got back home, sucked up the lost time and got to school and writing.  I have a lot to do this week and we are travelling later in the week so I have to stay busy getting things up to date earlier in the week.

My schedule for tomorrow got changed and my normal stuff that I do on Wednesday evening is now going to be Tuesday afternoon, so that means that attempting to go to the hospital tomorrow for Luciana is not really going to be possible.  So we made the judgement call today that we are going hold off attempting to do so until Wednesday and not go anywhere tomorrow.

We did talk about going out to dinner tonight as we have not been out in our own village in a while due to a lack of funds but now that we have money again we want to hit the local restaurant again.  But no one felt like going out tonight, except of course for me, but I got everyone to say that they would do it tomorrow, instead.  So we hope to go out to dinner tomorrow night.