March 2, 2016: Supreme League of Patriots

Mostly a busy writing and posting day.  Wednesdays are always my busiest day, along with Tuesdays.  I tend to really be focused at my desk most of those two days.  We didn’t really do anything today.

We lost power a few times today.  Never for very long.  It is always a bit annoying but we have never lost power at a time when it was really a problem.

After my check in call this evening, the girls and I played Supreme League of Patriots for a while on Steam.  That was our relaxation tonight.  It’s a fun comic style point and click adventure game.  It is good for the girls as the controls are pretty simple and there isn’t any way to get stuck or create a disaster.  So they enjoy taking control while we play.  The only problem is that it causes the game to move along incredibly slowly so I tend to start to fall asleep while we are playing.

I have figured out how to put a Steam walkthrough for a game into the background and use the Steam Controller to flip back and forth while we play.  It makes things work much better on the Steam gaming system.  This is especially important for us because we can’t use phones or tablets in the game room because the wifi cannot reach anywhere that we sit but the laptop sits on a table in the middle of the room with a line of sight through the doorway up to where the wireless access point is on my desk up in the loft.  So that works decently well.  I will have to get a picture of that setup so that we remember it when we are no longer living here.  It is an interesting one, for sure.  Who knows when we are going to get such a good gaming setup again.