March 8, 2016: Fuel Oil

Tonight Dominica and I spent a lot of time talking about our fall plans.  We are all over the map (more literally than that expression normally implies) in what we are thinking that we want to do this fall.  We have kicked around returning to Romania, Sicily, Piemonte, the Sud Tirol, Trieste and more.  We are having a really hard time narrowing down where we want to be and even what our goal for this cycle is going to be.

First thing this morning I woke up to the sound of the voice of the owner of the house.  He was over with the fuel oil company getting the tank refilled at the house and measuring the fuel levels, checking on things, etc.  Turns out that he is flying to France tomorrow to pick up a sail boat and will be sailing back from northern France to Crete for the rest of the time that we are here and won’t return to Crete until weeks after we have left to go on to Romania.  So this is literally his last day to check in on us.

This ended up filling out morning.  We did a bunch of cleaning since people were in the house, that needed to be done anyway so kind of worked out.  I took out loads of trash, walking them down town.  I had to spend a lot of time with the owner figuring out the fuel oil situation.  Our oil usage, which was almost entirely in January, came to well over six hundred dollars, which is crazy.  Fuel oil is insanely expensive in Greece due to the economic hardships hitting the country.  One of the many things that is currently crippling them.

Once he was done at the house, we ran out as a family to do grocery shopping and to get cash.  We need to max out two cash withdrawls to be able to cover the fuel oil costs so we got our maximum for today and plan to get the rest tomorrow.  So that ate up all of our morning and early afternoon, it was an incredibly busy day without us having planned for it to be at all.

Once we were done with all of that it was back to the house and I was busy posting and writing for the rest of the day.  No real time to hang out with the family.