April 12, 2016: Only Two Kids Visiting

A slow Tuesday on the “farm” in Baita.  It was cooler and overcast today, but nice.  We did not open the windows today, though.  This might be our first full day at home with the doors and windows closed.

Did a bit of posting and writing today.  Liesl did school.  Dominica discovered today that Netflix Romania has Full House available which we are quite excited because we think that Liesl is really going to like it.  Although we always say that and the reality is is that our girls have never gotten into most American shows the way that we expect them to.  They just don’t have any experience with traditional television and they do not find the shows to be that interesting.

This afternoon just two of the village girls came over and spent a few hours playing with Liesl.  They stayed from probably two or three until after six.

This evening Dominica made lasagne for dinner, which was awesome.  It was late when it was ready to eat and we felt like relaxing.  So we fired up Netflix and watched That 70s Show while we had dinner.  Luciana came in from time to time to snuggle and watch it with us but mostly she and Liesl had some quiet time on their own in the kitchen.

Dominica ended up falling asleep around eleven.  I was tired too, but I always have to stay awake to get the girls off to bed.

Luciana ended up having a temper tantrum about watching videos and so lost them for the night.  This ended up having the benefit that she was in bed and asleep before midnight.  Liesl did not want to be awake alone so turned in voluntarily at a quarter past midnight and was asleep almost instantly.  She had seen too many millipedes and since Luciana was long asleep and likely going to sleep longer than her anyway I said that Liesl could sleep in our room which helped get everyone off to sleep very early.