April 2, 2016: First Full Day in Baita

We slept in a little this morning, it was nine thirty when we finally got up.  We feel pretty lazy getting up so late as this is a farming town.  We are probably the last people sleeping anywhere in town.

Frunza came by first thing in the morning.  I think that she thinks that she is part of our family now.  She is such a sweet dog.  She was around for much of the day.

Dominica went out and discovered that the farmers next door had left our milk and eggs on the back porch for us sometime this morning.  Ten eggs and two litres of fresh milk.

It is a gorgeous day again, just like yesterday.  Warm and sunny, not what we were expecting in Romania.  So far Romania is warmer than Crete was!  We had predicted that we were going to be going back to weather similar to our first week on Crete, but this is incredibly nice.

Dominica made breakfast this morning.  Scrambled eggs with a rustic frozen veggie combination from the grocery store.

We took a walk today up the hill behind the house which the girls have been asking to go and see.  It is a steep walk up a loose rock road that is just for tractors and horses normally.  It leads up past our orchard to the village fields back behind us.  There is even a small house back up there which surprised me.  Very remote indeed, no idea how they get to or from but they have a little gazebo!

The Girls on the Farm Road Above Baita

We walked along the fields, it was a normal dirt tractor path up behind us with fields that if you were to only look at them you would never know that you are in Europe and not in New York.  We found the village cemetery as we walked as well.  It was a nice walk and Frunza, the little dog that hangs out at our house came along with us.  We had to cut the walk quite short, however, as Luciana had forgotten to use the bathroom before we had set out and we had to rush back for her.


This afternoon we stopped by at the farm to pay the farmers for the food that they had delivered.  It was fifteen RON which is something akin to four dollars American.  The whole conversation was difficult.  The girls came with us this time and they loved getting to meet the girls.  The girls got to play with the dogs and cats and had a good time.  We were offered several shots of plum brandy and some fried dough.  We were easily there for half an hour.

This evening I got the video game system set up for the first time.  We tried to set it up in the front parlour but that room has no blinds and is windows everywhere and extremely bright.  No way to use the gaming system except for late at night and it was be overly visible to everyone outside, especially from the church.  They might not appreciate a wall of video games shining into the middle of the street all of the time.

The only real choice was to set up the projector in Dominica and my bedroom.  There is lots of space and we have real blinds and Dominica likes to keep the room dark, anyway.  The girls were excited to have access to their Steam games again.

Dominica and I were both feeling super tired tonight.  I had a headache, too.  We laid down to take a nap around seven and slept until nine thirty.  Then got up, fed the kids (frozen pizzas) and got them set up with some video games on the Steam system.

Tonight’s game was Teddy Floppy Ears Kayaking Adventure which the girls have never tried before.  Luciana played it first until she was tired, then Liesl played it.  They both loved it.  It is easy enough that they really do not need any help with it and it is all spoken dialogue which is great.  It is a cute game really aimed at kids their age.  We have had it for a while so I am very glad that they have discovered it and decided to give it a try.

By the time that they were done gaming Dominica was already asleep and I was nearly asleep.  Liesl fell asleep while Luciana was playing a game and the girls both ended up sleeping with us because everyone was already asleep anyway so we barely even noticed.

Several days of continuous travel have really taken it out of us.  We had the adrenaline of travel keeping us going up until now, but that has worn off.  Dominica has been tired since the ferry ride when she really got no sleep and I have been tired since the last night in Athens when I pretty much go no sleep. Days of packing, moving, travelling, sleeping in new places, driving, getting settled… it all adds up and quickly.