April 20, 2016: Last Day in Montenegro

Today is our last full day in Montenegro, tomorrow we will be checking out of our apartment here and heading south down to the Durres area of Albania on the coast several hours south of here.

We started the day with a run to the Voli grocery store right behind our apartment.  We needed some basics to restock our car supplies so that we are ready for tomorrow’s road trip down to Albania.

After the grocery run it was time for some coffee at Panini’s, which does not actually have any sandwiches, at least not this early in the season. But at least we were able to get coffee.  The weather is getting heavier today with winds having picked up significantly and while we were out on the end of the promenade we could see sea spray going at least fifteen feet into the air which is unlike anything we have seen here yet.

Most of the day there was a slow drop in temperature with an increase in wind speeds.

As this is our last daytime here in Petrovac, we did more beach time so that Dominica and I could enjoy relaxing by the water and the girls could play on the beach.  We did more coffee, this time at Caffe Cuba, and then mojitos.

We have learned that the thing that people do here is to have little to no sauce on pizzas and then have ketchup with the pizza.  Every place that we have been has regular ketchup and spicy ketchup and the grocery stores even sell specific pizza ketchup.  Very weird, but the ketchup is really good here and it actually works pretty well for dipping pizza into, especially the spicy ketchup.

We had a pretty relaxing day today.  Lots of low key beach time and then we spent the afternoon and into the evening in the apartment.  Dominica did some packing to get us ready for the drive tomorrow.  I worked on posting and writing.

In the early evening, maybe around six, we went out to find some dinner.  We spent at least half an hour arguing about where we could go, or more.  No one could agree on anything.

Eventually we got everyone to agree to go to Katic if we promised to take Liesl afterwards to Lazaret to get pizza to take home because she had begged to get that veggie pizza from there that she loved so much from our first night in Petrovac.  So that was our compromised.

Katic was awesome.  We had an amazing dinner but had to move to the back as far under the roof as possible as it got cold quickly.  We had our jackets on but were still cold.  The restaurant brought us blankets to put over ourselves to keep us warm.  This worked, both girls bundled up and were decently happy after that.

The big food winner tonight was Liesl discovering that she loved my seafood risotto that I had ordered.  She ended up just stealing my meal and eating nearly the whole thing.  She actually just took my plate and devoured it!  We were pretty happy that we discovered a new food that she really liked.  And it was full of squid, octopus, scallops and more and she ate it all.  And they were grilled, getting the girls to eat things like grilled octopus is hard.  So this was a huge victory.

After dinner there was some confusion while I dealt with the bill at Katic.  Dominica took Liesl to the wrong restaurant and they got just a cheese pizza.  Liesl was confused and didn’t feel that she could explain that this wasn’t the pizza that she liked but it all happened very fast and she didn’t know what to do.  I actually lost everyone because I went to the other restaurant and they were not there.  It made for a bit of an unhappy evening for a bit.

Back home and packing.  We plan to leave right away in the morning.  Excited about getting to Albania.