April 30, 2016: Full House

It is Saturday, tomorrow is Orthodox Easter here in Romania.  So this is a long holiday weekend.  Tomorrow we have a lot going on, we have church in the morning, then we are having lunch with the family that owns the house that we are renting in Romania, then there are Easter activities in the evening in the village.  A lot of things for us to do.

Today is mostly a relaxing day, still.  We are all still pretty tired.  Today I found The 1983 Love Boat Fall Season Preview Special which Dominica and I watched this afternoon, complete with the original commercials.  We were laughing pretty hard at this bit of nostalgia.

This Love Boat special had really no “Love Boat” stuff in it other than the set.  It was a Who’s Who of the 1983 ABC line up with stars of their old and new shows all out on a “cruise” together to announce the new shows that ABC was bringing out in 1983.  It was shown just before the normal Love Boat time slot as Love Boat was one of their flagships and it let them tell people about all of the new shows coming out that week.  Boy did it bring back memories.  We knew nearly all of the commercials that were shown during the special and many of the shows.  But many we did not know, a lot of those shows did not make it for the season.

It is too bad that these kinds of specials have not existed for a long time.  And even this one was only ever shown once (and now only exists on YouTube as rip from an old VHS copy with very low quality.)  But it really takes you back to 1983.  This is what television was like when I was Liesl’s age.  What a different world.  Happy Days was still on, but was just wrapping up.  Dynasty was huge.  Webster was about the only winner that they had that year.  A year later would be the famous year that ABC shook up their lineup and changed all of their shows bringing in the line up that I would watch through most of late elementary school and middle school.  Three’s Company was even still on!

After that we went out to the Lidl to go grocery shopping.  We thought that we were out on the early side but ended up being the last ones there and having to rush to get our groceries.  They were closing early for the holiday.  We had hoped to have gotten Easter eggs and candy for the girls, but there was nothing there like there had been a few weeks ago.

We tried going to the Kaufland but it was already closed when we got there.  So we are not getting restocked on groceries like we had hoped.  Shopping fail for us.

Since we were in Reghin we went uptown to the Casablanca to get dinner.  This is our third time, at least, coming here for dinner.  We were the only ones eating but at least, since they are a pension, were open.  We had a very nice dinner, again.  We love the food there.

On the way home we ducked into the gas station and they had a decent enough candy selection so we stocked up so that we could make a candy basket for the girls for the morning.  Better than nothing.

Once home we found Full House on Netflix and Liesl agree to watch it.  We set it up on the projector and managed to get two episodes in before Netflix said that that show had been dropped and was no longer available.  Bummer.  Bad timing as we have spent a month cajoling Liesl to give it a shot and she has refused until tonight and now she really, really loves it!