May 18, 2016: Liesl’s New Science Class

The Internet was back on when we got up this morning.  No sunlight today, it was heavily overcast when we woke up and by eleven it was a light rain and by a quarter after noon it was a downpour and very dark.  This is some of the longest running rain that I have ever encountered first hand.  I had always pictured it raining a lot in Romania and apparently I was correct.  No one has mentioned this as being abnormal in any way.  Being in the middle of the mountains I imagine that the rain just gets trapped in Transylvania and comes down here all spring.  It is no wonder that the region is so green and lush.

Luciana set herself up in the quiet front parlour and just chilled on the couch there all morning.  Liesl got started on school earlier than usual.  The rain makes everyone so much more productive.

The early part of the day was a good, productive school day but it did not last.  Liesl was feeling rain depression or something and by early afternoon she had had it.  She moped a lot today and kept whining for hours that she wanted to bake today and ended up getting in so much trouble because of it that even when Dominica was ready to bake with her she had to stop because Liesl was grounded from baking as punishment for her bad attitude about not getting to bake!  Then she had a full scale meltdown that went on for an hour.  It was a rough early afternoon.

We did have one girl come over to play today, but it was only for a bit at the end of the afternoon and did not last any longer than she was trapped by the storm. Once it let up, she was off home.

I had a lot of things going on today and we did not get to have dinner until nine thirty.  We ate and playing Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Scarlet Hand as a family but did not get to play for very long before at ten Liesl had a live broadcast science class about rockets to attend so we had to stop and get that set up on the projector.

Liesl’s class lasted about an hour and a half.  She really enjoyed it.  She is going to be trying some science course work from the same person who did the live class and will be doing that once her current semester of science stuff is complete.

I stayed for about half of the class and then went out to get some work done while everyone was busy watching that.  Luciana fell asleep by the time that the class was over.  Liesl was wide awake and talked Dominica into letting her play Scribblenauts Unlimited for a while before going to bed.