May 2, 2016: The Easter Holiday

Today is a holiday in most of Europe. It is a bank holiday in the west and here it is the Easter holiday from school and work.  So pretty much nothing was going on around town.  We noticed that the kids were off from school today.

Liesl spent today getting back into her school groove.  She has had more than two weeks off so this took some work.  She had a good attitude but we are all out of the school mindset.

I was very busy all day trying to get caught up on writing and posting.  So much to be done having been away from my laptop for so long.  I feel very overwhelmed.

This evening, since we have pretty much no groceries in the house, we went out grocery shopping again.  To our chagrin we found all of the grocery stores closed in Reghin.  They have not been open since Saturday afternoon.  This is a problem.

Since we had driven into the city we looked for a place to eat.  We wanted to do something different so we explored out east of the city and found a strip of restaurants and hotels there (strip might be a generous term).  We were excited as this was several places that looked interesting.  Dominica picked one with a big terrace and a view.  We sat outside and ordered dinner.

Dinner was not bad, but not as good, or as cheap, as we have gotten used to.  The food was almost twice our normal prices, although still cheap compared to eating in the US of course, and only moderately good.  But it was a nice dinner.

On the way home we stopped at the gas station for coffee and to let the girls play on the playground.  This only lasted a minute, though, before Luciana couldn’t stop asking over and over for us to buy Kinder Sorpressa from the store.  We told her that they were out of it and explained that she had to enjoy the playground and not keep wanting other things but she could not stop and ended up having to be put in the car and to sit there with Dominica while I sat out so that Liesl could play on the playground for a while.  So it was a sad evening for Luciana who ended up getting in more and more trouble all evening and has lost getting to go to the playground in the village tomorrow, her Kindle Fire, getting to play games and more.