May 3, 2016: School and Full House

It is Tuesday today and we just had a quiet day at home.  I stayed up late last night working so slept in a bit today.  Dominica tried doing laundry this morning but there was never any sunlight and having to hang everything out to dry in Romania in the spring is challenging as it is quite damp outside.

We were supposed to go to the grocery store today as we are very low on a large number of things, most notably cereal, but we just never managed to get around to going.

I was at the computer all day, writing and posting.  Luciana had a really rough day.  She was in so much trouble from last night that she was barred from doing most things that she likes to do today and ended up doing a lot of school videos.  Liesl had a good school day.  It is hard getting back into the groove after such a long vacation from it.

Dominica cooked dinner tonight, a broccoli pasta dish that was delicious.  We ate dinner and we all watched Full House as a family as it has now returned to Netflix.  Very strange that it left and came back but we are very glad that it did.  Luciana is not really that into the show but she was willing to watch it with us as there was very little else that she was allowed to do.  Liesl continues to really love the show.  We are nearly halfway through the first season, now.

Dominica, as always, fell asleep early into watching the show.  I got the girls to finally turn in around midnight.  I worked just a little longer, until before one then got off to bed myself.