August 10, 2016: Starting to Catch Up on SGL

It’s Wednesday.  I’m still in the back room being as productive as I can be.  I have been getting a lot done and I was home “alone”, just be babysitting the little kids or some combination of them, for most of the day.

I have been working hard for a few days now to start getting caught up on SGL.  I am two months behind and going crazy trying to get to the missing days so that I can get things posted.  I have been writing posts now and then since the end of May but unless I have every day, I cannot get them posted.  So they just sit in my drafts folder waiting to get published. So at some point there are going to be an awful lot of them.

The plan, currently, is that I am going to drive up to Dallas tomorrow evening and spent the weekend at the house.  Three years without getting to see it at all, this should be very interesting.  I really wonder what it looks like up there.  I’ve missed out on a lot of things.  I can’t believe how long it has been since I have seen everyone.

I was working at my laptop all day.  Nothing exciting to report.  Colton might be coming home tomorrow.  The little kids continue to have so much fun together.  This is the final week before people start going back to school so this is their last chance to get all of the energy out of their system.  They will not be together like this again until Christmas.  It is too bad that except for long school holidays there is just no time for them to all be together.

We are considering the idea of going to Mexico in the early fall.  It is close and easy and cheap.  Going to Europe feels like it will be too much cost and effort for too little time.  So we are thinking that if we do Mexico and maybe Belize in the fall, and save Italy for the winter, we will spend less and get more time in Italy, plus finally get to spent real time in Mexico and add Belize to our list, none of us have been there at all, yet.  And likely we will get to see Guatemala just by the nature of being in the area.