August 12, 2016: Back at the House

It’s Friday and my first full day in the Carrollton house in three years.  Waking up here was… odd to say the least.  It is so bizarre being back in this house after so long.  It’s so familiar, it still feels like home, but it is also so foreign.  But very little has changed, other than the furniture all being moved around, it mostly feels like I was just here.

I had the house to myself today.  Rachel and Shawn were both at work all day.  That worked out fine as I just set up in the bar area with my laptop and worked for the day as usual getting my writing and posting done.

For lunch I drove down to where Rachel works and met up with her and her friends Melanie and Ashlie and we had lunch at Mi Camina or “Fake Fernando’s” as it is know the group for some reason.  I had the fish tacos, they were pretty good.

This evening we just hung out at the house once Rachel and Shawn got home from work.  Rachel had to work late so was not home until around seven.  She had originally thought that she was going to be able to leave work early and be home closer to two but that didn’t work out.