August 22, 2016: Shoe Shopping

Monday.  Today Dominica and I had to go to the outlet mall where Madeline works (but Madeline was not there at the time) to go to the Sketcher’s outlet store so that I could get some shoes as we can only buy them when we are in the United States due to my foot size and my old ones are really worn out.

We took a really long time looking for shoes but finally found me a pair of sneakers, much like my old ones, and a pair of more casual shoes.  My foot have continued to grow and I am now in a fourteen, instead of a thirteen!

Dominica looked for shoes but was not able to find anything that she wanted even going to another store as well.

It was incredibly hot today.  Very uncomfortable to be outside.

This evening Liesl requested Panda Express, again.  So I went out and picked that up for our family.  Tonight is the last night for Dominica’s parents in Texas.  They are heading back to New York early in the morning and Dominica is driving them.

I had almost no sleep last night so went to bed very early tonight.  Dominica decided to sleep on the couch because she had to be up so early to get her parents off to the airport.