August 23, 2016: Liesl’s First Real Hair Cut

Dominica had to be up super early this morning to take her parents to the airport at six.  She got very little sleep.

Today is my last day in Houston until, most likely, Christmas.  I was busy all day.  Madeline, Dominica and Liesl went to the mall and went to get a haircut for Liesl who has never really had one before.  One time, when she was about three I would guess, and we lived in the house in Carrollton, Dominica took her somewhere to get a trim but it was just the tiniest of trims and that is where the lock of her hair that I keep came from (Luciana still has never had a hair cut at all to this day) but it was at most two inches from the bottom of her hair and nothing else. Today is a real hair cut with the hair getting much shorter in the back and getting bangs in the front under Madeline’s direction.

Liesl's New Hair
Liesl’s New Hair

The new haircut is adorable and makes Liesl look even older.  She loves it.  It went really well.

After dinner tonight, Emily and I made a run to Sonic for our last ice cream together of the season.   We won’t see each other again until Christmas.

On Last Sonic Run with Emily
On Last Sonic Run with Emily

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.  Emptying the storage unit, driving up to Houston.  Dominica and the girls think that they are going to wait another night and come up on Thursday morning instead.