August 29, 2016: Last Day in Dallas

Monday.  This is it, last day in Dallas.  What a week do we have coming up!  Today we are in Dallas all day, but lots of packing and stuff to be done before we can leave early tomorrow morning. Tomorrow we are driving to Indianapolis where we are spending the night.  Then all day Wednesday we are going to be hanging out with Scale in Indianapolis.  Then staying there another night.  Then on Thursday we will drive to Canton, Ohio and see the family and spend the night there.  Then Friday morning we will get on the road and drive to dad’s house which is only five more hours away.

We did some box sorting this morning while we waited for the kids to get up.  Liesl slept until maybe ten.  Luciana actually slept till more like one in the afternoon! It was crazy.

Once they were both up we got them ready and went to Waffle House for lunch.  Liesl has been asking to go there for a while.  Lunch was good and the girls just ate and ate.  Luciana ate a full thing of eggs, and Liesl ate a full thing of hash browns and they split a waffle.

We came back home and after not too long Chris came over for an hour or two and we talked business.

Today is my big “catching up on SGL” day.  I am finally fully caught up which has not happened since, at best, sometime in June.  Sorry everyone for how busy things have been.  Will do my best to keep up although September is looking like it is going to be insane.

This week is all about travel.  We get to NY on Friday.  Then Saturday Maria arrives from Panama!  Then things are very busy as we prepare for MangoCon which is only about two weeks away!  Then from MangoCon it is right back down to Dallas.

Tonight was a lot of packing and cleaning.  Rachel was not around most of the evening because she was at a choir audition.  I ran out and picked up Indian for Dominica and me.  Liesl wanted Taco Bell, so I got that for her.  And Dominica and I made mac and cheese for Luciana.