July 16, 2016: Red Lobster with the Family

Saturday at dad’s place.  The weather was not so hot today, but still no rain.  It is very dry this summer in New York.  I slept in a lot today, according to my Apple Watch, getting just over nine hours of restful sleep!  I must have been really exhausted.

We had an early breakfast or late lunch at eleven, veggie burgers on the grill.  Then it was just a little relaxing at the house until at a quarter till three we needed to be on our way to Rochester to meet up with the family for a big dinner at Red Lobster.

The girls have been asking to go to Red Lobster with grandpa for months.  And every day since getting back to New York they have been mentioning it.  Dinner was at four with Aunt Sharon and Uncle Leo, my cousin Sara and her fiancee Jen and, of course, Dominica, Liesl, Luciana, dad and me.

After dinner we drove to a park in Chili with a great playground and the girls played for about two hours.  They had an awesome time and played with all kinds of kids.  It was a really good time to go to the playground.

After the playground we all felt like Abbott’s frozen custard, which is actually what we had been hunting for when we found the playground in the first place, so we drove all over until we found one, ate and then were off to home.