July 17, 2016: First Drive In Excursion of the Summer

A quiet Sunday morning at dad’s.  We were pretty relaxed and took it easy.   Our plan was to to down to Aunt Sharon and Uncle Leo’s this afternoon so that the girls could play with the cats.  I ended up having a very busy day of working on the phone for several hours today that were unexpected, which interrupted our schedules quite a bit.

Luciana at the Charcoal Corral
Luciana at the Charcoal Corral

Around six we went to Sharon and Leo’s and got about an hour there before we all went to the Charcoal Corral for dinner and met up with dad who had been at church.  Dominica and I both got salmon burgers for dinner and they were delicious.

After dinner it was just the four of us, Dominica, Liesl, Luciana and me, watching the movies at the drive in.  We saw The Secret Life of Pets first which was pretty boring and not at all worth sitting through.  The first five minutes were cute and funny, but that five minutes is what was shown in previews months ago and I had already seen it more than once.  Literally the preview was just the beginning of the actual movie, as shown.  And once that was over, the cute and funny movie was done and the boring crap was all that was left.

After that we saw the live action “Legend of Tarzan” which at the very least was not the old story retold but a bit of a different take on it, but still totally uninteresting and banal.  I really wanted to sleep through both movies, but was unable to fall asleep.  Luciana did climb into my lap and fall asleep during the second movie, though.  She slept so thoroughly that the next day she did not even remember that there had been a second movie!