July 19, 2016: First Attack on the Garage

I woke up at seven thirty, showered and was out the door at eight twenty.  Dominica was just getting up when I left this morning.

I spent four and a half hours working out of the NTG offices down the street today.  We had a very productive morning.  This is the longest that I’ve worked fro the office in years.

It was around one when I was back up at the house.  I found the girls playing outside in the yard with grandpa.  It was a beautiful day and they were playing with the giant blue bouncy ball and running around the yard.  Dad had a bubble machine going as well.

I had a very busy writing day set up at the kitchen table.  And working on tech projects.  Today I began the first work on my online book on Windows Server Administration, which came across as very popular in its first few hours.  I am excited to finally be working on it, it has been on my plate for a very long time and there is a lot of stuff that I am looking forward to investigating.  This will be a fun project.  I am working on building out Active Directory and Remote Desktop Services today.

Luciana Doing Playdoh
Luciana Doing Playdoh

This afternoon Dominica and I began tackling the stuff that is being stored in dad’s garage.  We made it through many boxes today and are doing a really good job of eliminating stuff.  We want to get rid of nearly everything and so far, we are heading in that direction.  Almost nothing is being kept, which is pretty amazing for us.  We struggle so much with wanting to keep everything, forever.

I’ve also been heavily tackling the books and music and boxes that I have stored in my old walk in closet from my old bedroom.  I found my old Chia Pet box that still had a packet of seeds in it!  My grandmother gave me that Chia Pet when I was just little, probably around eight years old if I was to guess.  I don’t know where the actual pottery is, but for some reason I found the box.  And the box for my SNES and my Nintendo 64 and loads of game boxes.

This evening we ordered pizza in from Papa Roni’s in Pavilion.  Everyone felt like something simple tonight.