July 2, 2016: Down to Waverly

Our fourth of July tradition has long been driving down to Waverly for the Doty family reunion and Fourth of July celebration.  This morning we drove down straight to the party.  This is my first year that I am able to go for several days rather than just going down for one day like I always have in the past.  Liesl and I missed the longer party last year because we had to leave early to drive down to Texas together.  This year we all get to stay.

Today was a small gathering for food and stuff with the family on the farm.  This evening we all went over to James’ place for the big bonfire where they burn a couch and chair and stuff.

Scott and Dominica in the Bonfire Light

The kids had a great time playing with all of their extended cousins all day long.  We figure that they will sleep really well tonight.

We stayed at the Gutherie tonight.  It’s a Best Western, now.  Same hotel that we stayed in many years ago.  Normally we stay in the Hampton, but they were full up tonight.

We got in late and several people were hungry.  Emily sent me out to find McDonald’s which ended up being closed and so I went across town looking for Wendy’s, which I was told was open late. Liesl was hungry so went with me.  We ended up being gone for about an hour.  We got food for the teenagers from Wendy’s, then went to the gas station across the street from the hotel to get food for Liesl.

Wendy’s ended up getting all of our food wrong and none of it was edible that Dominica and I got.  We were rather unhappy.  I at least managed to eat the small salad that I got but had not ordered.  Liesl at her snacks from the gas station.

We were in bed around two.