July 24, 2016: Relaxing on a Sunday in Frankfort

Sunday in Frankfort.  Dominica and I were the first ones up (other than her parents) and managed to watch several episodes of Stranger Things before the kids were awake.  It’s tough liking so many shows that are not appropriate for the kids to watch.  Getting any time to watch them is almost impossible.

Stranger Things has been growing on us quite a bit.  The story is great and so different from anything that we are used to with a great cast.  The theming from 1983 is so interesting and well done, too.

We took a relaxing day today, mostly shows all day in the living room.  The girls were mostly in a mood to do things on their own.  But Luciana did make me promise yesterday that I would play Minecraft with her first thing this morning when she got up.  So we put on The Andy Griffith Show and played  Minecraft for a few hours together.

Dominica and I went out and did grocery shopping today while the kids stayed at the house.  We had to hit the produce stand, then Aldi’s and finally Walmart in Herkimer.  It was a lot of shopping.

I watched the B movie Apocalypse Earth with Luciana today.  It was not very good.

After dinner, Dominica’s parents took the girls out for an outing to a playground at the marina.  While they were out Dominica and I managed to finish the first season of Stranger Things.  It ended well and we are looking forward to the second season.  Netflix makes really great shows.

Dominica and I watched Borgen, also known as “The Wave” in English, too.  It was quite good, I think.  It is rather like a Norwegian version of San Andreas.

This evening with Luciana, I watched Disney’s Teen Beach Movie 2 which Luciana ended up loving.  She really wanted to watch the first tone, but Netflix no longer has it and she is very sad about that.   The first one was way better than the second one, but the second one had an interesting plot twist and ended strongly.