July 4, 2016: Back to Frankfort

We had breakfast at the Best Western again this morning.  They do a decent breakfast but they are not prepared for the number of waffles that our clan wants to get all at once.  We back the waffle line up something terrible in the morning.

Luciana at Breakfast at the Best Western

We got on the road back home pretty early.

Liesl in Car
Liesl Ready for the Drive

This afternoon Madeline and I hung out while she played Mass Effect on the Steam laptop at her grandparents’ house.  She got through quite a lot of the initial game today!  That was fun.  I had been playing Mass Effect some while I was at dad’s house last week, too.  I’m enjoying playing through it again.  Such a good story.

Tomorrow we are heading down to Manhattan for the day.  Just doing a single day trip of sight seeing by bys around the city.