July 7, 2016: Taking Liesl to the Dentist

I only got three and a half hours of sleep last night, unfortunately.

This morning Dominica and I had to take Liesl back to the dentist for her first round of getting her cavities filled and her molars sealed.  Dominica needed to see the dentist, too, so they went at the same time and I stayed with Liesl while they did her fillings.

Liesl at the Dentist
Liesl at the Dentist

Liesl did great at the dentist and never squirmed or anything even when they did fillings without any pain killers at all!  She is such the trooper!

After the dentist trip in Herkimer, we went back to the house, packed up the car, got Luciana and drove out to dad’s place.  This is the first time for the girls to see him since Christmas in Galveston.

It was fairly late when we got out there.  The girls were very excited, though.

I set up dad’s new Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X when we arrived.  His internet access is a little better now.