June 1, 2016: First Full Day Back in Romania

Today is our first full day back in Transylvania.  Time to get settled back into the routine of being at home.  Also we are into our home stretch while here in Transylvania, only two and a half weeks until we are headed off to Istanbul and from there, on to New York.  Our time in Romania has really flown by.

It is a bit weird seeing the different places that we live and which ones give a sense of being a place that we got to live in for a long time and which ones seem to have just flown by.

Today is the four year anniversary of being in Hallstatt, Austria and Liesl doing her photo shoot in the dirndl that became so famous and from which dad made Liesl’s coffee table book.  Four years, I can’t believe it. Hallstatt remains the most iconic bit of Europe in my mind, even all these years and places later.  Say Europe, and that’s what I picture.

This week we finally had the exhaustion of all of the stuff that we have been doing really hit us and I started falling behind on SGL.  This would end up being the biggest gap in posting regularly that I have had in many years.  It’s nearly two and a half months later that I am finally able to get this update posted!

I was working online for most of the day.  Sitting at the desk looking out on the little side street in Baita.  We leave here so soon, we are really going to miss it.  I hate coming to the end of our time in any place that we go, you start to miss it even before you have to leave, you know that it is all going to go away and you wish that you could have had so much more time to do so many more things.

Had my usual phone call this evening, and then relaxed with the family.