June 21, 2016: Batavia and Letchworth

Tuesday.  Today dad and I had to run up to Batavia to deal with some errands.  We had to get to FedEx and drop off some stuff that I needed to get shipped off so we hit the FedEx out by the new developments on the Buffalo side of town.

We stopped at Tim Horton’s there to get coffee and donuts while we were out there.

Timmy Ho
Dad at Tim Horton’s

This evening I went down to the NTG Offices at the Ralstons’ and worked there for a while.  Then we decided to go to Letchworth to do some scouting and videos to prepare for MangoCon which is coming up in September.  We put in probably two hours out there getting pictures and videos.  I’ve not seen Letchworth in at least a year and possibly in two.  We took the girls there but it has been quite some time.

It is so hard to believe that going to Letchworth is not something that we do all of the time.  Growing up it was such a huge part of life; now we go years between trips there and I forget that the girls are not there enough to think of it as a place that they regularly go.

Letchworth Selfie
Scott at Letchworth

It’s also national selfie day.  I got to see the old train bridge that is being torn down.  It’s been there my entire life, it is not going to be the same Upper Falls without the old train trestle.

Scott at the Upper Falls
Upper Falls

It was nice to get the see the park again.  It’s been too long.

Scott Selfie
National Selfie Day