June 22, 2016: The Tocco Drive In Theater

Wednesday.  This evening the Tocco clan set up an outdoor movie theater with our traveling video projector and the new shed.  The kids all loved getting to watch movies outside.  I never got to see the outdoor theater all summer, but Dominica posted pictures online.

Outdoor Theater in Frankfort
Tocco Theater

For lunch today dad and I went up to Peppermint’s in Avon and had lunch there with Jenny Case.  I last saw Jenny at SpiceWorld in Austin last year.

Yesterday we dropped off dad’s car at the shop to get it looked at.  The word came back that the car is dead, his suspension punched through the frame of the car and it cannot be repaired.  He spent years getting this car picked out and he loves it.  He’s going to be very sad if no one is able to fix it.

I talked to Art and he things that a high school friend of ours will likely be able to weld something together to fix it.  So we are going to look into that.