June 23, 2016: Brexit

Today is the Brexit vote in the UK and most of the day was spent watching the catastrophe there.  I was up until about four in the morning last night watching the opening polls.  And I know that late morning here we were expecting to have the anticipated results.  So the whole morning was just watching the real time vote updates online to see what districts had reported in.

We are very sad to see that the UK has voted (we parts of it, like England and Wales) to leave the European Union (someday, already by late today they were saying that they might stall for up to a decade before actually taking action on this vote.)  This is the biggest political shake up of the last few decades, not since the fall of the Soviet Union has there been something this big changing how we view the world.

The day was pretty much taken over by Brexit analysis, news reading and such.  Kind of in shock, just a bit, although I had predicted that this would be the outcome.