June 26, 2016: Enchanted Forest Water Safari

Where the fun never stops.

Today is the big day for our girls. Their favourite treat of the entire year is going to Enchanted Forest Water Safari in Old Forge, New York. The have been waiting two whole years to get to go back there. They are going to be so, so, so happy after this. This is why we know that we have to be in New York every summer no matter what, they will never be okay with not going to Water Safari.

Enchanted Forest
The Cousins at Enchanted Forest in Old Forge

The whole family had a great time at the water park. I’m a bit sad that I did not get to go with them, again. But it isn’t like I enjoy water parks or anything like that. But it would be nice to get to spend the day with my girls when they are having so much fun, but in reality they are very busy with their cousins anyway and would have no time to spend with me anyway.

Eric and Scott Having Beer
Eric Millen and Scott Alan Miller at Village Tavern in Geneseo

This evening Eric and I met up at the village tavern in Geneseo for beers and hung out there for a while. We stayed until they closed the kitchen and missed getting dinner. I ended up driving around Geneseo trying to find food and, eventually, found that everything except for McDonald’s was closed. I just missed Aunt Cookies, Tim Horton’s, Taco Bell, everything. I can’t believe that in a college town that there is no way to eat after nine in the evening!