June 3, 2016: Quiet Rainy Friday in Baita

Another day of rain in Transylvania.  It was raining when I woke up and rained on all through the day.  But it was warm enough to have the windows and door open.  I love the warm spring rains here.  The weather has been mostly awesome for me our entire time.  Exactly how I like it.  Rainy, but not so cold as to be a problem.

Today is Friday.  No news for today, it was a quiet day that had literally no life enterprise on MangoLassi or on Facebook.  We did not go anywhere, we have all of the food that we need, it rained all day and we are tired from all of the traveling and stuff that we have been doing.  Just hunkering down at the house and taking it easy.  A family and productivity day.  School and writing for everyone.

We are all very sad that our time in Transylvania is nearly over.  I am hopeful that we will rent this same house again in a year’s time.  We need to come back here.  It really does feel a lot like home already.