June 4, 2016: Happy 70th Birthday Dad

It is a quiet, warm and sunny Saturday here in Baita, Romania.  The house owners came by this morning and did some work in the garden.  They invited us out to help with the strawberry picking so the girls went out and set to work getting fresh produce from our own garden.  Everyone had a great time and it was a gorgeous day for it.

Picking Strawberries in Romania
Liesl and Luciana Picking Strawberries in Baita, Mures, Romania

That made for a very fun, authentic and different morning.  What a great way to start the weekend.  They told us that we could have all the produce that we wanted and that we should come out and pick every day as there would be so much of it.

After strawberry picking Liesl baked a cake in the kitchen with Dominica.  Luciana bundled up in our bedroom and played video games on the Steam laptop all morning.

The dogs came by to visit this morning.  Got the cutest picture of Liesl with Negrut, Frunze’s dad.

Local Dog
Liesl with Negrut

After a kind of busy morning it was a nice, relaxing weekend for the family.  No travelling of any sort today.

This evening we Facetimed dad to wish him a happy birthday.  He is seventy today!  The girls are very sad that they are far away on his birthday.

This evening Dominica cut up a melon that we got from the grocery store this week.  We thought that it was going to be cantaloupe but it turned out to be a galia melon that looks like cantaloupe but tastes like honeydew.

Galia Melon
Galia Melon