June 8, 2016: Last Wednesday in Baita

It is the middle of our final week in Romania, Wednesday.  Besides my getting writing done at the desk, most of the energy around the house is put into the girls working on school, getting fruit picked in the garden and getting as much early packing completed as can reasonably be.  There is always so much to do in the last week.  It is easier, though, to back up and be ready to leave to go home than to get ready to head out again.  When we are heading home we have to back “everything”, there is no picking and choosing.  It all has to fit, there should be nothing left around the house at all.

This week is also our last week to drink all of the wine and tuica that has accumulated around the house these past months.  The village loves to shower us with drinks and we can only drink them so quickly.  So I do my best to keep up.