September 1, 2016: Ohio

I woke up at a quarter till nine this morning and breakfast at the Home2 ends at nine.  I had promised Liesl that I would get her up in time for breakfast in the hotel so I told her quickly to get up and we got ready to run out of the door.  Dominica and Luciana got up too and raced to get ready, and followed a few minutes after Liesl and me.

Breakfast was sparse, but good.  We had an enjoyable breakfast and really liked that the Home2 kept breakfast open as long as we were there and didn’t kick us out.  It was very comfortable, we like this hotel a lot.

After breakfast the girls and I went outside to check out the fire pit.  It had rained the night before and I did not realize it and I ended up sitting on an outside couch and getting my butt very wet.

We stayed in the hotel until half past noon.  We are Silver members so get late checkout and the Hilton really takes care of us.  I had good, solid Internet so did a bit of posting while I had my laptop working.

We checked out, packed up the car and drove over towards Belden Village and went to the Bob Evans there.  The family enjoyed it so much yesterday that they decided that they wanted it again today.  The girls did a great job eating their food, too.

From there we drove over to Louisville to Aunt Marlene’s house getting there about two thirty.  We hung out with Aunt Marlene and Uncle Don for most of the afternoon.  Aunt Cheryl came over for a little bit but just gathered up the girls and took them off to the local park so that they could play on the giant rainbow playground there.  They were very excited about that idea and we’ve not had a break from them in a while so it was a nice bit of quiet.

Later on we all went over to the playground too.  Grandma, Aunt Gayle and Monica met us over there as well.  We were there for a few hours until the girls were really worn out.  Then we went back to Aunt Marlene’s.  Joe was the last one to join us in the evening after he was out of his apprenticeship class.

We got Domino’s for dinner, which was very good.  Everyone was really tired and we were all in bed by eleven.

Aunt Marlene’s new dog, which is only four pounds and named Kloe, is a bit of a terror and has Luciana very scared and her and even cornered Luciana in an upstairs bedroom at one point.   Even Liesl gets chased around by her a little bit.