September 12, 2016: Monday before MangoCon

Monday before MangoCon.  The week has begun.

Today I was very busy posting and writing all day.  The infamous Curtis who has Internet stalked me for years tracked me down on MangoLassi today and started trying to harass me.  That went hilariously well.  Nothing like having a personal stalker.

Dominica and I put in some time doing sorting of stuff down in the barn today.  There is so much to be gone through.  We got out what we could, but there is so little that we are able to take with us when we go and only a little bit more that the Ralstons are able to take when they go.  The storage unit is going to remain mostly full for the foreseeable future.

Today was all errands and posting.  Tomorrow we are taking the kids to Utica to drop them off with the grandparents where they will be staying all weekend.