September 15, 2016: MangoCon Day Two

Thursday and the first “real” day of the very first MangoCon in Rochester, New York at the Holiday Inn Rochester Downtown.  This is going to be one very busy day.

I got up, showered and got down to the conference.  Staying in the same hotel as the event is the best thing ever.  We used to do this in Austin years ago at the AT&T Conference Center, it was great.  So glad that we are able to do that here.

At breakfast we had actual mango lassis for people.

Mango Lassi at Breakfast
Mango Lassi at Breakfast

After the light breakfast, Max from Starwind was the first person up to speak at MangoCon so he kind of got the special pole position for the event and will now historically be the first person to ever present at the conference.  A pretty neat thing to have.  In the same vein, I was the first actual IT presenter for SpiceWorld myself.  But not at MangoCon.

The day went pretty well.  So busy.  I was just running from one thing to another all day.  My presentation today was on the “Brave New LANless Future.”

After the conference today, there was some time in the hotel bar but then people filed out to Victoire on East Ave and we took over the place for the whole evening.  We had a really good time and hung out outside with a fire in the fireplace.

Late at night a group of us went to Mark’s for late night garbage plates, which were excellent.  It was about four in the morning when we finally got back to the Holiday Inn.