September 19, 2016: Getting the Chevy Spark Back

Only real thing on the agenda today is to return the Nissan Quest back up to the Rochester Airport.  We are just so tired.  But glad to have our kids back with us.  SGL is woefully behind and is going to be.  I have just no time to even think about trying to keep this on track.

Today the big project was to drive down to Pennsylvania with the Ralstons and retrieve the Chevy Spark that has been down there all of this time.  It has been so long that we practically forgot that we even owned a car!  What a whirlwind two weeks it has been.

Very long drive down and back and we are all just so tired.  At least we got many hours in the car to decompress and talk through how things had gone with the conference and do some planning for next year while things were still fresh.

This evening Dominica and I ran up to Avon to look at minivans at the Chrysler dealer there.  I had heard that they were one of those typical “car salesman” places where they just play games non-stop and that’s exactly what they did.  They were so busy playing games with all of their other customers that even though we were there for about an hour, looked at everything on the lot and even went searching for a sales associated to help there was none to be found and their showroom was just full of other people not being helped just sitting at tables getting the run around.  It was exactly how I pictured the car buying experience to be and I was happy to just leave.  I wanted nothing more to do with that place after it lived up to the nasty description that I had heard of it.  I don’t take the scams of car buying well.  If the sales person isn’t actually authorized to make a sale, why are they there?  Just to piss me off?  Just to waste money?

I’ll buy a car somewhere that actually wants to sell cars.