September 20, 2016: Buying a New Minivan

Only a few days left in New York for the year.  We are leaving to go to Texas later this week and will not be back to New York until 2017 and, if all goes to plan, only for a week or so then.

Today’s project is to buy a minivan.  We went up to Webster this evening and did some shopping at the Hertz Car Sales location there.  Dominica and looked and they have a minivan available there, three actually, that are 2015s and essentially identical to the Nissan Quest that we drove over the weekend, also from Hertz.

We spend many hours looking at the minivans and managed to pick out one that we wanted and got that one reserved for us.  We need to get paperwork for our Chevy Spark and come up with it tomorrow so that we can do a trade in.  The other two minivans are going to auction today so they are going to hold back the one for us.  Hopefully everything goes well tomorrow.

We have had great luck with every Nissan that we have ever driven and I like that they are part of the Renault group who makes all of my favourite cars in Europe, including Dacia in Romania.  We really need something larger as our stuff will not fit in the Spark to drive it down to Texas later this week!  That is going to be a problem.

It was decently late when we got back home, but we are looking forward to having a shiny new vehicle tomorrow.