October 4, 2016: Happy Thirteenth Anniversary

Thirteen years ago today, Dominica and I got married at Hillside in Wyoming, New York.  So hard to believe that it has been thirteen years.  More than half of those years with at least one kid.  Pretty soon we will be at more than half with both!  And a good chunk of that time traveling together, too.  This is nine years of overseas travel together (we started in 2007 at Thanksgiving.)

This morning I built a new NextCloud 10 server.  Always a project to keep me busy.  I had to fix a broken VyOS router as well.  It died on me, big time, so I had to work with the datacenter to get it fixed today.  Kept me busy most of the day.

I started working with a new community today that is attempting to provide social media and connections for domestic violence and abuse victims to come together, find aid, get resources, etc.  FindingHopeTogether is the community site.

I did a community update on MangoLassi today, as well.  A busy day of real tech, rather than writing, for me today.

After business hours, Rachel got home and we all went to Malarkey’s for Quiz Night.  The three of us drove together and Chris joined us there.  Not a fancy night out, but after thirteen years we are happy to have just found a babysitter and to have gotten the chance to leave the house.  Rachel’s siblings took care of the kids while we were out.  Dominica and I both got fish tacos at the bar for our anniversary dinner.

We lost at Quiz Night, but we always lose so that was not a big deal.

I know that SGL is way, way behind.  Like epic record behind on updates.  But they are coming, just slowly.  And in the meantime, you can always keep up with me, minute by minute, by following my updates (and everyone elses’) on the somewhat epic What Are You Doing Right Now thread on ML.  Almost thirty thousand individual updates there right now, so it is a pretty busy place to be watching for things.  But it is a good resource for seeing what is going on right this second.