December 29, 2016: Last Day in Houston for the Year

This is our last day in Houston until next summer when we expect to be there sometime in July.  And today is my forty second day of my streak with DuoLingo!  I have been working so hard on my Italian for a month and a half now.

Today was pretty chill.  Francesca played Tropico 4 much of the morning.  She has really gotten into that game. Then the kids demanded that we play more of the Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb hidden object game that we had been playing last night.  They thought that that was so much fun.  Who would have guessed that such a simple, old game and some cheap laser pointers would be like the best thing ever.

We had been hoping to get on the road promptly today, but Madeline did not make it back from work until quite late, around a quarter after eight.  So we saw her just a little and were on the road up to Dallas.

The drive went pretty well this evening.  We had dinner from McDonald’s north of Houston and ate on the drive.  It was around one in the morning when we got to the house.  Rachel had been texting us all day hoping that we would get home before she went to bed, but she was asleep about an hour before we made it back.