January 10, 2017: Calling Hours

I managed to get four hours of sleep last night.  I was awake by six thirty.  I came downstairs and got some water.  Bianca slept with Liesl all night.  It’s very sweet.  Liesl loves having a dog with whom to snuggle and she needed her tonight.  It worked out well.

We got dressed and ready and I drove everyone in the Quest to the calling hours.  We got stuck on the outskirts of Canton waiting of a never ending train that actually stopped and parked blocking the road that we were on.  A bit ridiculous.  Mike said that it can take forty five minutes for a train to move out there.  So we had to turn around and drive into Canton to get to a bridge to go over the train!  What a pain.

Calling hours went all evening.  It was nice getting a chance to hang out with so much of the family.  I see them so seldom.  We got to meet my cousin Brett’s fiancee Robin, as well, whom we have not yet met.  They have been together for more than a year now.  We tend to be pretty out of touch with everything in Ohio.

After the calling hours we all went back to grandma’s house for the evening and spent the evening there with just the close family.