January 20, 2017: Seeing the Spanish Steps

DuoLingo Italian Day 64

We woke up to an odd banging sound in the apartment and we wondered if there had been an earthquake again.  So I jumped on Twitter and, sure enough, there had just been a very small earthquake near Rome and minutes later there were matching small ones on Crete, Turkey, the Aegean and Sicily.  Very active here right now.  None of these were big enough for anyone to really care and I am amazed that we were woken up by the little one here, we think that it was just enough to cause a door in the apartment to react to it making a lot of noise.  But that it woke us up (and even got me out of bed) and we guessed it was an earthquake and it was the exact moment that there actually was an earthquake, we are sure that that was it.

We had wanted to go to see Vatican City today, but it was so late by the time that everyone was waking up that it was unrealistic for us to even try to make it.  So we took our time getting going since we are all so tired.  I was up at least an hour before Dominica who was at least half an hour before Liesl.  I got showered and everything and did some writing while waiting for everyone so I was not too anxious to get moving as I was getting things done anyway.

We ended up taking the City Sightseeing bus to go to the Spanish Steps and the Piazza di Spagna where there is a cool fountain.  This was a long bus ride and a bit of a hike.  We got a little video footage, but not much as it was dark pretty quickly.

The Spanish Steps are, impressive but just a huge set of steps.  Not much to really see.  The idea is really more to hang out there for a long time.  Really, not many things in Rome make sense when you have little kids, which is probably why we’ve seen absolutely no kids anywhere here; in addition, of course, to the fact that Italians have stopped having kids and it is now an aging nation with few children.  Our Italian children are very needed here.

We walked the steps and then looped around to walk back to our bus stop.  We got the last bus back to the Colosseum so that we could return home.  It was almost seven when we got back.

We had a quiet evening at the house.  We turned off the lights and everyone was nearly asleep all evening.  Dominica actually napped for a while.  Luciana fell asleep early.  Liesl and I were the last ones up, Liesl going to bed around eleven.

At midnight Dominica made me go out to find pizza as she was hungry.  So I walked out and got her zucchini pizza for her and anchovy pizza for me.  That did not take too long.  I did that, we ate and then it was time for bed.