January 9, 2017: Finally Made It to Ohio

Monday morning.  We starting working on getting the tires dealt with around eight thirty.  I called our insurance and got everything confirmed as to what to do.  I was going to just run out and deal with the tire myself but Dominica felt that it would make more sense if we packed up and got out of the house with the kids and all went to deal with it so that we would be out of the way and could get out before Kelly left for work so that she could lock up the house after us.  That was the wrong decision as we were unable to get the kids all ready and out the door before Kelly left for work anyway.  So we ended up losing two hours or more of time this morning because of that and then the kids had to sit and wait at the tire shop instead of sleeping another hour and just hanging out at the house with their devices charging.  More of the disaster weekend.

So instead of getting to AutoTire at 8:30, we got there around 10:30.  The insurance approved the tire replacement instantly but took about two hours to get the payment sent over leaving us with quite a bit of time to kill while waiting for that.

We went to Subway and got ourselves a late breakfast or early lunch.  That was good and took up some time.  Then we went back to AutoTire and just sat there in the waiting room.  They had wifi so the girls were on their iPads.  I did some walking while we were there, just around the plaza.

It was half past noon when we were finally onto the road.  The insurance covered everything, which was a big relief.  And we were underway.

The drive was not so bad today.  But it was a very late start.  I did all of the driving today, and most of it was in the dark.

We did stop for a quick stop for ice cream at a Dairy Queen.  The girls had never been to one before and really liked it.  Luciana declared it her favourite ice cream.  Dad would be proud.

We grabbed some Taco Bell late at night once we were into Ohio.  The girls love Taco Bell now.  I finally converted them to it.  Their favourite is the cheesy roll ups.

It was about midnight when we got into Canton and found Gwen and Mike’s house.  They have lived here for about four years and we have never managed to see their house! They were all set up with an air mattress in the living room for the girls to sleep on.

We visited until probably two in the morning and then got off to bed.