November 14, 2016: Froyo with the Kids

Monday.  We got up and did house cleaning today.  We cleaned all morning and the kids did not get up until after noon! It was a busy day for me and I did not even end up eating today until I had some frozen yoghurt tonight when I took the girls out for it around eight at night.

I got the new logo for MangoLassi up on the site tonight, everyone seems to really like it.

SGL updates are pretty sparse these days.  This fall has been really challenging for me to keep up.  I’m doing half of these updates in January from Italy.  But I am getting past the biggest gaps and pretty soon will be posting updates that were recorded, in full form, as they happened.

Rachel spent some time this evening with the borrowed telescope that is at the house set up and looking at the moon in the atrium.  The moon is super close and bright right now.  So the girls went out and checked it out for a while.  This is their first time really using a telescope.  Pretty cool for them.  Dominica enjoyed it, too.

Dominica built a cubby hole dresser think from Ikea for the kids tonight so that they can organize some of the stuff in their bedroom.