November 15, 2016: SpiceCorps DFW Event

I had to be up a little early this morning so that I could sit in on an SAP training class on the web.  That lasted maybe an hour.  Then most of the day was just writing and posting online.

Tonight was a SpiceCorps DFW event (that I have no involvement in organizing) that Watson and I carpooled to.  We started by going to Twin Peaks near where I used to work at CitiGroup a number of years ago and got beers to pregame before heading to the event and we got a snack as we did not know what the food situation is going to be like at the event.

From Twin Peaks we went to the SC DFW event which turned out to be a complete disaster.  They had food catered in from On the Border which was really cool and quite good, that part was great.  But the event itself was way too long and a total sales pitch and complete garbage.  It was condescending and pointless.  We were offended and when we asked technical questions they just blew us off.  It was really bad.  It was so bad that nearly everyone spent the entire time texting each other to talk about how bad it was and how little the presenters knew about technology or the market.  It was a train wreck.  It was so bad that a lot of us plan to not attend any of these meetings any more, what a waste of time.

I talked to a friend today who is a dual US and Venezuelan citizen and who has worked in IT in Boston.  He moved to Caracas in Venezuela because even with all of the problems going on there he found that the quality of life was higher and his career opportunities were better there.  What a sad state of things for the US!