November 30, 2016: Warm and Sunny for a Change

Wednesday.  Did a lot of writing today trying to get caught up, at least a little, on SGL.  Worked on that much of the day.  Got some Zoho tools, like Zoho Chat and Zoho Email set up today to see how they would work for a small team project as well.

We had a bright and sunny day today.  Liesl decided to camp out in front of the atrium door in a sunny patch, like a cat, to do her homework.  It was so warm that we had the windows open today.

Liesl doing Homework

Today we managed to book our apartment home in Noto, Italy where we will be staying all winter!  Our plan is to spend a week in Rome on the way there so that we can see the city since we have to fly into Rome anyway before going down south to Sicily.

Rachel came home super late tonight and opened champaign so we had an impromptu champaign and pajama party at the house.  Estella ended up coming over this evening to drop something off and stayed while all of us watched most of a season of Coupling.