November 8, 2016: Voting Day

Today we got up late and started the day going out for a very late breakfast at Denny’s up on Frankford.

This afternoon we went for a walk to both do a Pokewalk and to go vote.  Our local voting location is right in our neighborhood and was a very short walk.  It is at the local elementary school.  We were able to just go through the greenway to get there, very convenient.

I cast my vote for Jill Stein.  I know that there isn’t any chance for her to win, I’m just trying to get my voice heard in some small way.  Voting is a pointless exercise in America, it affects nothing in reality.  Even the popular vote is meaningless.

Later today we heard of a few cases of voter fraud in our own district.  First hand, some from people who had been involved in it directly and some who had had it done to them (someone voted using their ID!)  The amount that we heard of first hand fraud is terrifying, definitely to a point where the fraud makes up for vastly more than the difference between votes from the small cross section that we have access to information about.  It’s crazy that voter fraud is so open and common in Texas!  And no system for addressing it, the people who had their votes stolen, for example, just lost them – no recourse for them to actually get to vote.  Literally, no democratic process at all, not even the attempt to make it look like one.  This is what we hear is supposed to be the problem in the third world, but right here in the US it is happening and no one is talking about it or doing anything!

Tried to go to Quiz Night tonight as it is Tuesday and that is our thing on Tuesdays, but the bar had the election on instead of Quiz Night so we got stuck watching the election results come in all evening which was incredibly depressing.  Not only did Trump surprisingly “win” the presidency but he did not win the vote.  So, once again we have a president that was not elected by the American people but used “the system” to take control of the nation without the people having voted for him.  Just showing how corrupt America is, how little Americans care about it and how non-democratic we are as a country.  The system is rigged to give power to the minority and not to let the people have even power.  But that is how it has always been; a blight on humanity since the very beginning.  A horrible system designed for oppression.  Our only hope now is that the electoral college steps in in December and does its sole job and protects us from gerrymandering.

It was a very sombre and sad night as we went to bed tonight.