October 16, 2016: Waiting on Rachel

Sunday.  I played some more Skyrim this morning.  Then this afternoon Dominica and Rachel were supposed to go out clothes shopping.  This turned into an entire afternoon of Dominica waiting on Rachel until the shops almost closed.  So a huge portion of the day was just sitting waiting to go at any moment.  I managed to game a lot today and the girls hung out doing their own thing playing games or whatever.  They tend to go into their bedroom and play imaginative games with their toys for a lot of the day.

We love how well the two of them play together still.    With the absence of peer pressure from being in a public school they are able to do better play and focus on cognitive growth more than kids often get to do.

Dominica and Rachel ended up going out tonight and I had to be the driver dealing with them till five in the morning.  So going to be super tired tomorrow.