October 21, 2016: Scooby Doo Marathon

Normal Friday here.  School with the girls during the day and writing for me until around three in the afternoon.  Dominica did some shopping during the day and picked up Panda Express on her way back for all of us.  So I had sweet shrimp today.

This evening was a daddy daughter evening.  Dominica and Rachel left in the middle of the afternoon to go down to Dallas on the train to meet up with Estella for happy hour in the city.  So it was just the girls and I all evening, which was fun.

We played some video games together, but mostly Luciana felt like hanging out in the dinning room with an iPad watching shows on her own.  Liesl wanted to spend time with me so we camped out in the living room and we watched both of the modern Scooby Doo remake movies together, back to back.  That was fun.  I have never seen either of them and she has not seen the one and the other she only saw when we were in Spain on that terrible, small CRT.  She did not remember it at all, so it was basically all new for both of us.  We had a lot of fun.